Cleaning MCMCglmm model outputs

Dealing with multiple MCMCglmm model outputs? Here is a a (reasonably) quick way of pulling out and collating model outputs from MCMCglmm objects. Those couple of functions allow you to grab the variable names, posterior means, CIs, effective sample sizes and pMCMC values for both fixed and random effects. A... [Read More]

ESEB 2017

What a week! I’m exhausted - conferences can be so draining! It’s an incredibly intense experience when you try to make the most of it and I tried my best: I prepped for my talk, I then attended back-to-back talks in nearly all slots, and during each break and meals... [Read More]

First PhD manuscript submitted!

If you have read any of my “GWU” updates you know that I’ve been working on a beast of a manuscript. I’ve put a lot of effort into structuring it and making it easy to follow, which I saw as crucial given how much information it contains - hopefully I... [Read More]

GWU: end June

What have I been up to over the past few weeks? I had my milestone meeting - a meeting with my thesis committee to discuss progress and plans for thesis write up. It was an interesting one! I have been asked to become a student representative on a “Student Experience... [Read More]

3rd Year Review Meeting

What needs to be done? To pass this milestone we have to do several things. We have a new system at the University now where periodically we need to fill in an online questionnaire - the annual report and there is one linked to the final year. In addition we... [Read More]